In a world constantly in a flux, Minnie Bhatt’s design effortlessly meld the classic with the contemporary to create spaces that are warm, inviting and timeless. Every project, be it a home or a restaurant has a distinct personality and ambience. Having grown up in a heritage building in South Mumbai and surrounded by art deco style architecture, her sensibilities have been honed on design that endure.

With over 22 years of experience behind her she has designed residential and commercial spaces in some of the swankiest addresses in Mumbai. She is also the name behind many of the most talked about restaurants in the city like Burma Burma, Fable, Firki, Myx, Mirchi and Mime, the Radio Bar, Nom Nom and others.

Steering away from gimmicks and fads, she sticks to the clients’ needs and lifestyle, giving as much importance to comfort as to the look of the place. Her work is eclectic, and minimalist without being too stark. She has a preference for using natural elements like light, stone and bricks to create beautiful and environmentally sustainable sites. Her achievement as a designer is to create diverse spaces that have personality and unique character and she seldom repeats herself.

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